Façade Rectification

With over a decade of experience in façade rectification – ABS Façade have witnessed the many potential issues associated with sub-standard façade installation. We have also been engaged to provide a new aesthetic to many existing buildings requiring external updates and modernisation.

Through our years of experience we have developed a modern and pragmatic approach to façade rectification services – sensitive to all the challenges of a rectification project.  Our services include:


With our team of over 150 experience staff – ABS façade rectification provides a full service of aesthetic updates and façade modernisation for existing buildings. From assessment, design and engineering to demolition and new façade installation, ABS will work with you to give a new life to the exterior of your commercial building.


With a global shift in approach to cladding fire safety following the Grenfell tower disaster, ABS has developed a streamlined system of updating and replacing existing facades to comply with all current fire standards. ABS combines our experience in façade replacement with advanced materials and assessment, design and engineering processes to provide our clients an unrivaled service.


Your façade is your first shield against the elements, and poor workmanship can lead to water penetration. We provide a full service of water leakage rectification from investigation to consultation, design, material removal and new façade installation.


Whatever your façade rectification needs, ABS has completed work on some of Australia’s largest buildings. For occupied buildings, we have developed refined systems of staged sequencing, debris control and tight scheduling to allow us to efficiently complete projects with minimal impact on your tenants or the public spaces surrounding your building.